A Traditional Art for Modern Times

TAIJIQUAN (Tai Chi) IS a traditional Chinese Martial Art created and developed by the Chen Family in the Henan province of China. Taijiquan originated in the 1600s and though centuries old, has adapted itself perfectly for the landscape of modern society. It is a movement form well suited to easing pain, gaining fitness and improving balance. It is a meditative experience that develops a calm and grounded presence. It is a martial art which teaches awareness, intentionality and self-defense. Over time the practice of Taijiquan will expand your experience of living in surprising and meaningful ways.

OUR LINEAGE IS directly linked to the Chen Family. All instructors are 20th Generation disciples of the Chen Family and have decades of experience in their practice. Each remains a devoted student of the art, attending multiple trainings a year and traveling frequently to the Chen Village to refine and deepen their practice.

OUR INTENTION IS to bring you an authentic, professional and accessible experience of the original method of Taijiquan. We offer ongoing group classes, private lessons, local workshops, guest seminars with affiliated schools and organized study trips to Chenjiagou. We work with individuals, small groups, small business and in larger corporate settings. We are skilled at working with people who have special health conditions and have worked closely with medical providers and the scientific community in ongoing research for studying the efficacy of Taijiquan (Tai Chi) on pain, balance, neurological conditions and more.

Learn, Practice, Cultivate